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To inquire about or book a workshop, contact us through .


Verbathon workshops are designed to share the ideas and techniques that Emmanuel Escueta, creator of Verbathon, has developed for making learning grammar a fun, active and empowering activity for students.

Workshop fee structure:

     1.5 hours - $250 (Minimum)

     2 hours - $335

     3 hours - $500 (Two 3-hour workshops are available for one day)

Plus expenses: travel (if applicable – return airfare from Vancouver, mileage, parking, shuttle, accommodation and meals.)

** An additional fee may be added for sites requiring extensive travel. Mileage is calculated at $0.50/km. Any other expenses incurred for a specific presentation are the responsibility of the contracting party.

Emmanuel Escueta presents Verbathon Workshops in English and French. Workshops can be inclusive of all languages, or tailored for a specific language such as French, Spanish or German. Latin, Italian, Chinese and other language teachers have benefited from Emmanuel’s sessions.

Emmanuel Escueta is currently a full-time teacher. He may require a TOC (Teacher On Call) which is approximately $230 to be paid directly to SD43. More information is available upon request.

Included for your reference:

     1) Workshop description

     2) Past workshop evaluations

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. You may contact us by phone or fax at 604-466-2821 or by e-mail at