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VERBATHON®: How to Have Fun With Verbs and Grammar!

(available in French, Spanish and German)

Workshop description:

Do you want to teach VERBS and GRAMMAR in a unique,  fun and effective way? Do you like to play games? Then come and participate in this dynamic workshop and make learning VERBS and GRAMMAR one of the most exciting events of your class by using the VERBATHON┬« kit! Motivate, inspire and challenge your students with sports-style events! Integrate math, social studies, even rap and rock music. Learn how to organize a tournament for your class, school, district and even participate in a national tournament! Experience shows that students learn and retain more through active play.  Verbathon games and activities are effective because they are based on the INFINITE principle: Inclusive, Fun, Interactive, Integrative, Team-based and Empowering. Verbathon can be used by teachers from elementary through university for both Immersion and FSL. Originally developed in French, Verbathon is also available in Spanish and German. Emmanuel Escueta, creator of Verbathon, teaches French Immersion in the school district of Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Emmanuel is also president of ESCUTECH Educational Products Ltd.

Presenter Bio :

Emmanuel EscuetaEmmanuel Escueta Emmanuel Escueta is a French Immersion Teacher in the Coquitlam School District in British Columbia, Canada. He is also President of ESCUTECH Educational Products Ltd. Emmanuel has presented workshops at national and regional conferences in the US and Canada.