Changing Attitudes & Behavior

When other French teachers mention that they have a tough behavioral class…I immediately mention Verbathon. My favorite success story is about a little boy who gave so much attitude and behavior that he would destroy my classroom. Closer to the end of the year…he tried Verbathon for the first time and got the fastest time in the class.

— Kelly Murray, Ontario

Most Successful Teaching Tool

Verbathon has been one of the most successful teaching tools I've ever used. The other day we were practicing Verbathon and I told the class that we need to take a bit of a break to work on some other work and a student yelled out..." That sucks! Can't we just do verbs all day?" I just about died laughing. How often do you hear that in a core French classroom?

— Kelly Murray, Ontario

GETCA Conference

We are awaiting approval to present at the Great Edmonton Teachers' Convention Association. 

Conseil scolaire francophone de la Colombie-Britannique

Published in

à l'école Jules Verne 

Aberfoyle vs. Priory Park Verbathon Tournament

We are excited to announce that Aberfoyle Public School and Priory Park Public School are competing in their first Verbathon Tournament this month. This is the first two school tournament in Ontario that we know about. Contact us and we'll post your Verbathon event on our site! 

CSCTFL 2012 Conference

Central States conference on the Teaching of foreign Languages (CSCTFL)

Hilton Clumbus Downtown

2012 Northeast Conference "Global Identities"

Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

Congrès ACPI 2012 Le prochain congrès de l'ACPI se tiendra à Montréal, Québec, du 25 au 27 octobre 2012.

L’Association canadienne des professeurs d’immersion (ACPI)

Le prochain congrès de l'ACPI se tiendra à Montréal, Québec. 

Support for New French Teachers (FSL)

From CASLT - The Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers

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