Here's how we recommend language teachers use our product:

Verbathon® is designed to be used in conjunction with your current program. We recommend the following:


1.     Mount the wall chart permanently in your classroom so you can use it everyday.

2.     Use it for warm-ups, drills, practice, teaching new concepts, and games.

3.     Make your job easier by letting students help whenever possible:

·      ask them to be in-charge of warm-ups.

·      ask them to file cards and prepare materials for games.

4.     Teach a concept; lead the activity or game and then turn it over to student leaders.

5.    Be very careful when constructing the teams for a game. Team composition and dynamics can make or break the most wonderful game. (Detailed suggestions are given in the manual.)

6.     Competition in games is a great motivator, but the purpose and focus of all games should be on learning rather than winning. Emphasize that students must measure their success by how well they mastered something as a result of playing a game.

7.     Emphasis must be placed on application. (i.e. Can a student use verbs correctly in sentences, not just be the fastest “card placer” in the class.) Verb conjugation should not be done in isolation.

8.     Tell your students about the tournament and document their individual times near the beginning of the year/term so they can track their progress.

9.     The Verbathon® Tournament is meant to be used for reinforcement and as a motivational tool. The Tournament is not the means to an end, just the icing on the cake!

10.  Hold your tournament near the end of the school year/term.

This manual is meant to be a STARTING POINT and inspiration for your ideas. You choose, alter and mold activities to fit your students’ needs.

We’ve done our best to help you with this great undertaking

and wish you and your students success with FUN!




Emmanuel &  Jennifer Escueta