Verbathon: Where Verbs and Grammar are a Sport!

Suffering from "post traumatic verb-teaching stress syndrome?" With Verbathon, you can teach grammar through games in a fun, active, and team-based approach. Use the verb rap song to learn conjugations. Conduct sports-style events where students learn to conjugate verbs, construct sentences using overt instruction and communicative techniques.

See how excited students are by viewing one of the tournament videos below on the home page.

Each Verbathon kit comes with a comprehensive teacher's guide, set of cards and a custom wall chart.

Verbathon is available in
, Spanish, German

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What is the purpose of Verbathon?

Verbathon is used to teach grammatical patterns such as sentence construction, verb conjugation, subject-adjective agreement and more.

Why is Verbathon so effective?

Verbathon is so effective because experience shows that students learn and retain more through active play. Verbathon games are effective because they are based on the INFINITE principle.

What is the INFINITE principle?


For what grades or levels can Verbathon be used?

Verbathon is so adaptable that it can be used by teachers from elementary through university. Immersion and second language teachers use Verbathon.