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PREGRESO! is a powerful teaching tool based on a student empowered cooperative and global approach to learning. It is a quiz-type game strategy where the students form the questions and answers themselves. The students then play against one another in teams creating a fun atmosphere.

With PREGRESO! you can:

  • optimize your time by having the students create the materials to teach themselves
  • determine the learning levels of each student as they participate in the game
  • increase student comprehension as they review and practise the lessons learned in the target language
  • increase student interest since materials covered are more relevant due to the fact that it is their own creation
  • create student excitement in the learning process through the fun atmosphere

PREGRESO! contains a comprehensive and illustrated Teacher's Guide to assist you with implementing the strategy. Further, with its custom designed foldable wall mounted chart (with open slots for interactive learning), PREGRESO! comes fully ready to use.PREGRESO (Pregunta-Espreso)PREGRESO! PREGRESO! (Pregunta/Respuesta) includes:

  1. One customized wall chart made of durable nylon with pockets
  2. One set of Pregreso cards

    • Points cards
    • Category cards
    • Index card dividers to organize questions generated by the students
  3. One Pregreso teacher’s  guide

    • Guide contains detailed instructions, illustrations and reproducible worksheets

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