OMLTA Conference - Toronto, ON

Workshop title :VERBATHON®: How to Have Fun with Verbs and Grammar!(available in French, Spanish and German) Workshop description:

Do you want to teach VERBS and GRAMMAR in a unique,  fun and effective way? Do you like to play games? Then come and participate in this dynamic workshop and make learning VERBS and GRAMMAR one of the most exciting events of your class by using the VERBATHON® kit! Motivate, inspire and challenge your students with sports-style events for proven quality learning! You can integrate math, social studies, even rap and rock music. See the results of the highly successful Verbathon Tournament. Learn how to organize a tournament for your class, school, or even school district. Canadian Parents for French have been sponsoring annual district-wide competitions. You can even participate in a national tournament! Originally developed in French, versions of Verbathon are also available in Spanish and German. Emmanuel Escueta, creator of Verbathon, teaches French Immersion in the school district of Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada. Emmanuel is also president of ESCUTECH Educational Products Ltd.

 Presenter Bio :                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Emmanuel Escueta is a French Immersion Teacher in the Coquitlam School District in British Columbia, Canada. He is also President of ESCUTECH Educational Products Ltd. Emmanuel develops original educational resources including VERBATHON® and RÉQUEST™  He has presented workshops at national and regional conferences in the US and Canada including: NECTFL (North East Conference on Teaching Foreign Languages) in New York, CLTA (California Language Teacher’s Association), SWCOLT (Southwest Conference on Language Teaching) and WAFLT/COFLT (Washington/Oregon Foreign Language Teachers); in Canada: BCATML (BC Association of Teachers of Modern Languages), APPIPC (Association des Professeurs du Programme d’Immersion et du Programme Cadre), and  at ACPI (Association Canadienne des Professeurs d’Immersion).. The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) has even done tv and radio interviews with Emmanuel as part of their series on "Francophone Educators in Western Canada."


N.B. Emmanuel may do workshops for your school, school division or organization. If interested, please contact Emmanuel at : (604)466-2821 (tel./fax) or by e‑mail: or, website :, Box 675, 1628 Industrial Ave., Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada V3C 2A0.