Benefits for Teachers

How can a teacher benefit from VERBATHON?

With Verbathon, a teacher will be able to:

  • Reduce wrist-twisting and backbreaking blackboard work from writing verbs and sentences over and over again by using cards and a specially designed wallchart
  • Use proven strategies for teaching verbs and grammar in a unique, fun and effective way
  • Encourage students to study verbs and grammar by playing games
  • Organize a "race against the clock" tournament based on verbs that students will absolutely adore
  • Use COOL "Rap" and "Rock" rhythms to teach verb conjugations
  • Integrate verb and grammar learning with other subjects like Math or Social Studies
  • Create a well-organized verb conjugation or grammar filing system that students can easily access
  • Adapt or modify the Verbathon system according to level or need
  • Evaluate the language skills of students
  • Actually have fun with the students!!!

Language educators will appreciate how VERBATHON is able to captivate students and simplify lesson preparation.