2011 CPF Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows VERBATHON

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The mood in the gym is electric! The crowd is roaring: kids are cheering. Is it a basketball game? No, it's VERBATHON, a relay game where kids show how well they can conjugate verbs by matching verb cards with the correct pronoun card. The teams with the fastest times are the winners and are entered into the 2011 National Verbathon Tournament!

Where:  Maple Ridge Secondary School

Organized by: CPF (Canadian Parents for French) Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Chapter

Students from grades 2-8 in French Immersion, Grades 6-8 FSL (French as a second language) and Late French Immersion Grades 6 and 7 are forming teams within their classes and practicing in preparation for the tournament. Teachers are expected to time each student individually to make balanced teams with an equal mixture of faster and slower players on each relay team. This creates a chance for every student to be on a winning team. Verbathon Relay Teams are about working together and getting better and faster as a class and as teams.  This is what makes it such an exciting event because ANYONE can be on a winning team. The winning team from each grade level from each school is invited to enter the district tournament sponsored by CPF. 

Escutech Educational Products Ltd. is the company that created the Verbathon Tournament. Every two years, Escutech hosts a national tournament with medals and prizes. The gold medal winning teams at this CPF district tournament will have their winning times compared with teams from all over Canada. Their results will determine their national placement. Results from the National Tournament will be posted on this website. (See "TOURNAMENTS" for the 2009 results.)