Verbathon: Where Verbs and Grammar are a Sport!

Suffering from "post traumatic verb-teaching stress syndrome?" With Verbathon, you can teach grammar through games in a fun, active, and team-based approach. Use the verb rap song to learn conjugations. Conduct sports-style events where students learn to conjugate verbs, construct sentences using overt instruction and communicative techniques.

See how excited students are by viewing one of the tournament videos below on the home page.

Each Verbathon kit comes with a comprehensive teacher's guide, set of cards and a custom wall chart.

Verbathon is available in
, Spanish, German

Final Results from the 2015 National Verbathon Tournament

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Bravo et félicitations à tous les enseignant/es et les élèves qui ont participé au Tournoi National Biennal du VERBATHON® 2015. Voici les résultats finaux et la liste des commanditaires.   

2015 National Verbathon Tournament

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For more information, click on the Tournaments tab and read the 2015 Verbathon Tournament links on the page. The 2015 Tournament completion deadline was May 22, 2015. Certificates and prizes were shipped to participants in June. Please see "Final Results from the 2015 National Verbathon Tournament" to see a list of participants and their accomplishments. 


Here's how we recommend language teachers use our product:

J’adore ce jeu!!!

À chaque concours du Verbathon, il permet à des élèves faibles de faire fureur et d'exceller!!! Le sourire et la fierté sur leurs visages vaux un million.

— Paule Mondor, Enseignante (Colombie-Britannique)

Verbathon - Secret Sauce

Verbathon is like the secret ingredient or sauce to a great french classroom. I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have it.

— Kelly Murray, Ontario

Which is better: overt grammar instruction or the communicative approach?

This article from NCLRC articulates our language teaching philosophy.


Tournament information at Staples Coquitlam

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Tournament information at Staples Coquitlam

Emmanuel Escueta and Jana Nimo in front of a display promoting the 2015 National Verbathon Tournament at the Staples Coquitlam Store. Emmanuel is the creator of Verbathon and Jana is the manager of Staples Coquitlam. Thank you for letting us have a display in your store!

2013 National Verbathon Tournament

The video highlights from the 2013 National Tournament. Original music by Laura Escueta.

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